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Warehouse & logistics

Well thought-out solutions in the areas warehousing and logistics are an important part of a modern and successful company. This is why GDFT has its own high-bay warehouse at its disposal, for storing different materials and semi-finished products. With this storage model, we can react in a flexible and straightforward manner to any changes or modifications in our existing customer orders. Having the ability to purchase materials in high quantities and store those materials ourselves, we are able to provide stable price levels to our customers – even if market prices fluctuate.

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when it comes to storage solutions or logistics?

Storage for materials and purchased parts

Especially when dealing with high-volume orders, storage capacity for large quantities is an essential requirement. It is the only way to ensure the prefect process flow from the first to the last part manufactured. Our procurement team uses an anticipatory planning approach designed to avoid material shortages.

Our storage capabilities are especially valuable when it comes to module assembly. Depending on the project, we must be able to have multiple components from various suppliers available for final assembly. This represents a logistical challenge. The availability of the required parts in the required quantity is essential for efficient processing. It is crucial to avoid delays during the manufacturing process, which are caused by missing components. We can manage this with ease – thanks to our optimally integrated materials storage.

Deliveries follow customer instructions

Even when dealing with finished products, our warehouse solutions shine: A dedicated storage for finished parts and components enable us to ship orders directly, partially or time-delayed in batches – depending on customer requirements. This creates the highest level of flexibility on the customer side. This advantage becomes even more valuable when customers have their own distribution network – to supply their own customers or branches. Having a reliable logistics provider on hand at the manufacturing facility creates additional value to any customer’s planning process.

Customized distribution and shipping

Our distribution options are highly flexible as well. We carefully choose our logistics options depending on order size, distance to destination and the delivery-time requirements of our customers. We apply these parameters to our mode of distribution. For short distances, we use GDFT’s own fleet. When dealing with longer distances or larger shipping quantities, we use our logistics partners, who share our commitment to reliable on-time delivery. This of course includes safe and optimal packaging solutions that protect the parts and components from the elements on their journey to the desired destination. When shipping goods, our customers’ requirements are always strictly adhered to.

From Göttingen worldwide

Our available delivery options are most comprehensive when shipping locally. But as a company that operates worldwide, we also ship internationally – for example when dealing with dependencies from customers abroad. Where necessary, our delivery partners will also process any and all customs formalities and paperwork.

Advantages of our warehouse and logistics solutions summarized:

  • Shipping to local, national and international destinations
  • Our own warehouse for storing different materials, semi-finished products – exceeding our own demand and creating price-stability for our customers
  • Low risk of production downtimes through our anticipatory planning process and having all of the necessary materials on hand
  • Flexible and customizable shipping options in different quantities and part sizes
  • Partial or time-delayed distribution options, available upon customer request

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