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If a final product is more complex and consists of multiple parts, then our company’s module assembly can make life much easier for the customer. This is because the assembly process of more advanced components can be challenging and time-consuming. Our highly qualified assembly team has specialized in the manufacture of finished components, consisting of turned/ milled parts – along with other, purchased parts – adhering to the strictest quality standards all the way through the assembly process. Besides complete assembly, we also offer sub-group assembly services. Our contract manufacturing does not only save time, but also convinces customers through its high cost-efficiency.

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One part of the whole

Of course, it is always a new challenge for the module assembly team to bring together a bunch of components and create a final product that matches its parts in terms of quality standards. But rest assured: Our team, consisting of specialists who can look back on their vast experience of contract assemblies, can always meet the customers’ expectations. Thanks to our efficient processes and the utilization of state-of-the-art technology, we can promise our customers short turn-around times as well as high cost-efficiency. This is also because the CNC manufactured parts can be assembled right after passing rigorous quality checks. We pay special attention to the surface characteristics of the turned and milled parts, so that they are optimally prepared for the assembly process.

Our flexible production capacities allow for small, but also large production quantities – always depending on our customers’ needs.

Quality is an obligation

Through a rigorous quality control process we ensure that even the most complex modules and components are made of the highest quality. We use strict inspection procedures in order to ensure functionality, exact fit and longevity of our assembled modules – no matter in which quantity manufactured.

Thus, customers who order assembled modules, not only get precisely crafted CNC turned and milled parts but can also rely on the precise assembly of these high-quality parts into high-quality modules.

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Thought-out logistics

Our service also includes, after careful planning, the logistics and shipping of your parts and components. We carefully selected reliable suppliers from other manufacturers to achieve seamless integration of the logistics aspect into our entire assembly process. Careful production planning is of the utmost importance, so that external parts are available and in the correct quantities at the start of the assembly process. This is how we create a seamless flow of materials within all stages of the assembly process.

After manufacturing, we package your components correctly and safely. This is especially crucial when dealing with delicate parts and components.

The process of module assembly explained:

  1. Planning of the assembly phases and planning of the CNC manufacturing of parts
  2. Purchase of materials from external suppliers and logistics planning according to the arrival of materials
  3. Assembly of the modules by our highly qualified staff
  4. Strict quality assurance, every step of the way
  5. Packaging and shipping to the customer or customer’s desired destination

You not only need singular parts, but the assembly of multiple parts?