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You know what you need and we get the job done – upon request, as an end-to-end solution. From manufacturing to logistics – we will provide all the necessary services from one source, including know-how, experience and professional expertise every step of the production process.

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Complete and individually customized

When you choose to involve GDFT as a competent partner in your manufacturing process, you can expect more than just CNC machined parts and components. We highly value effective communication right from the start.

How do we implement our end-to-end solutions?

Consulting and requirement analysis

During this project phase, we cooperate very closely with the customer in order to understand the specific requirements and necessities for the job. This includes discussions, design ideas, selection of materials, tolerances, production quantities, quality requirements and delivery schedules.

Production planning

After the requirement analysis, we dive into the concept phase and write the CNC programs, according to the provided drawings and 3-D models. We also select the required tools and set up the inspection plans. This phase also includes the selection of appropriate processing strategies and the optimization of the manufacturing process.

Procurement of materials

We purchase the required materials for the production process, according to the customers’ requirements. This includes the selection of high-quality materials, also in regard to finishing options. We guarantee to have the necessary quantities of the required materials on hand for an efficient manufacturing process. This is possible because of our network of reliable and specialized suppliers, with whom we have successfully cooperated for years.


In this phase the actual CNC machining is done. The CNC machine equipment will be set up according to the programming and production can begin. The constant monitoring of the manufacturing process as well as quality assurance are of the utmost importance to us.

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Surface treatment options and finishing

Depending on the customers’ requirements, we can implement additional processing such as surface treatment (i.e., sanding, polishing, painting, coating) as well as additional work steps (i.e., threading, reaming and burr removal). For this phase we use a network of competent partners to produce the best possible results for our customers.

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Quality assurance

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, we monitor the quality of parts and components being produced. This includes inspections for dimensional tolerance, surface texture as well as other specific quality criteria. Defective parts are being sorted out and, where applicable, re-worked.

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Assembly and packaging

When requested, we can of course offer cost-efficient module assembly. After final assembly, the components are carefully packaged so they can be securely shipped.

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Shipping & logistics

The final products are being packaged by logistics department and then shipped to your warehouse or customer preferred destination. Depending on the destination, we can also offer flexible logistics solutions.

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Our end-to-end solutions may include intermediate steps,

such as the crafting or design of samples or prototypes, to enable the customer to realize the optimal product development. Afterwards, based on this groundwork and our feedback regarding the materials and processing options, the manufacturing of small batches or large-scale production runs can greatly profit from the valuable insights gained from this development process.

Dependable specialists – for the entire project

A modern enterprise knows its core competencies but also its limitations. In addition to that comes a deep understanding of one’s own production capabilities – in terms of material as well as human resources. When you have a partner like GDFT on your side, you are always well prepared in case your own capacities are tight, exhausted or needed somewhere else.

This is what you can expect from GDFT’s end-to-end solutions:

  • comprehensive requirement analysis
  • detailed production planning
  • reliable material procurement
  • CNC manufacturing using turning or milling machines
  • Various finishing options provided by our partners
  • Strict measures to ensure quality control and assurance
  • Module assembly of parts and components
  • Packaging customized to your parts and components
  • Logistics & various distribution options

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